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Got Pics? Sure you do.  Got some that are looking old and faded?  The years and the yellowing can be stripped away on most pictures, if not restoring them to their original condition, getting them closer.  It's mainly dependent on the current condition of the picture.  Mileage varies on just how well these techniques will restore but most all will show some improvement.

If you have skills with one of the more powerful image editors, you can rather much do your own.  Just do some googling to find some help and how-to assistance. If not, the QuickPixFix service might be for you.  The service works as follows.

You scan your picture at the highest resolution possible and save it in one of the lossless formats, bitmap (.bmp) preferred. You email that file to " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " with the subject to include "QuickPixFix Request". QPF will attempt several restoration methods to determine which method or combination of methods achieves the best resutls, then emails back a reduced file size (a little larger than a thumbnail) of the restored file.  If you like the results, you send a payment through PalPay of $10.00 US per photo (details of account will be included in the thumbnail email) and the full size restored file is emailed to you.  

Note - No copyrighted materials can be submitted unless you are copyright holder of the photo or it is in public domain status.

Note - This is not a repair process. While small blemishes might be fixed total restoration is not a part of this service. QPF will attempt a full restoration of your photo if you desire that but each picture is evaluated on a one by one case and priced accordingly. If you're interested in that service follow the steps about to scan and email your picture but title the subject "PixFix Request". Not all photos submitted will be accepted.

Below are some examples of pictures before and after the QPF restoration.

QuickPixFix Examples


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