20 | 08 | 2018

Second Chance PC

     Second Chance PC is my effort to keep PC's and PC components out of landfills prematurely.  Often PC's will get a virus, or one of the many components will die, and instead of getting them repaired or replaced users will simply replace the entire PC and send the old one to the landfill.  Often, with a clean wipe of the hard drive and a reinstall of an OS, the PC is back to it's glory days. Or in the case of a failed component, one replaced part later and boom, glory days again.

     The first goal of Second Chance PC is to swap parts, reinstall an OS, or to responsibly recycle the parts in the environmentally correct way.  The second goal of SCPC is get those PC's into the hands of those that could benefit from a PC.  So often we think the older PC is rather useless but for someone who is strickly going to use it to browse the web or write email to family, the older PC's have all the power and speed required to do those tasks splendidly.  Orignally, the target user for these PC's were the elderly and students, however, with so many impacted by the current economic conditions in the US, the target user is now rather much anyone in any situation that could benefit from a PC.

    SCPC began when I worked as a trainer for a PC company.  To train on the "latest and greatest" components and software required the latest and greatest PC.  That gave me a steady stream of computers and components to pass on to others whom needed them.  

     So...  if you have a PC or a laptop that no longer serves any purpose for you, or no longer functions, please consider donating it to the program.  You would be responsible for boxing the PC and all it's related components and shipping those to SCPC.  SCPC would be responsible for combining as many of those "parts" back into a useable PC and getting that into the hands of someone who could use them, and responsibly disposing of the unuseable parts in an environmentally responsible way.

     If you'd like to donate to the program, send an email to " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " with the Subject "Second Chance PC" and I will reply with the shipping addresses.  No C.O.D.s accepted.


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